Apprenticeships have a future

We’ve partnered with SwissSkills to support apprenticeships

The dual vocational training system is an important success factor in our economy. As a trainer of apprentices, it means a lot to us. We work together with SwissSkills to promote vocational training and the Skills Championships. And as a presenting partner, we support the SwissSkills Team in international competitions.


Discover your strengths

The earlier young people identify their strengths, the easier it is for them to choose a career. The “SwissSkills Mission Future” box invites the whole family to discover their strengths in a fun way – free of charge for UBS clients.

Apprenticeships have a future

As founding member and Presenting Partner of the SwissSkills Initiative, we have stepped up our commitment to apprenticeship training in 2017.

Your career opportunities

Interested in practical vocational training at UBS? Find out more about our training opportunities and all of our activities involving apprenticeships.

Learn about apprenticeships first hand

Our event agenda gives you an overview of vocational training events being held by SwissSkills and UBS near you.

Commercial apprenticeships in figures

Numbers don't lie. Around 70,000 young people take up a commercial apprenticeship every year in Switzerland. This can be the first rung on a long career ladder that leads right up to CEO. Watch the video to find out about what makes Switzerland's dual education system so successful.

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