Knowing yourself is the first step to a successful career choice. With the new “SwissSkills Mission Future” box, the whole family can set off on a fun voyage of discovery to identify their strengths.

“Maybe something with people ...”: you will usually only get a vague answer if you ask young people about their career aspirations. And that’s understandable. On the one hand, adolescents are faced with a huge range of vocational careers. On the other hand, they are often not yet properly aware of their strengths and interests. Knowing your strengths is crucial for finding the right training more easily.

Focus on potential

Experience clearly shows that to get off to a successful start in the world of work, it helps to look not just at specific study courses but also at yourself. Through interaction in a familiar setting, young people can get to grips with their strengths and interests, and benefit from the experience of adults.

An exciting family project

With the “SwissSkills Mission Future” box, SwissSkills and UBS are adopting a new approach that helps young people to discover and realize their full potential. The set takes them on a fun voyage of discovery to identify their strengths. Time spent weighing up career choices becomes an exciting “Mission Future” for the whole family.

Free of charge for UBS clients

As a presenting partner for the SwissSkills initiative, UBS is committed to vocational training. That’s why it’s offering clients the “SwissSkills Mission Future” multimedia box free of charge. The offer is subject to availability. Non-clients can obtain the box directly from SwissSkills for a nominal fee.

“SwissSkills Mission Future” put to the test

On the way “to Mars” as a family