Unlocking global liquidity

Structural, regulatory and cyclical change continues to shape the global equities market. Our liquidity solutions are evolving with the market.

Our liquidity is not just deep, broad and diverse. It’s unique too. And it’s everywhere.

Regulatory change is driving our IOI strategy, our status as a Systematic Internaliser and the evolution of our global blocks functionality. Our non-displayed liquidity pools – UBS PIN and market-leading UBS ATS and UBS MTF 1 - and smart order router offer broad, diverse and unique liquidity.

Specialist teams and technology around the world.

From our specialist blocks, Central Risk Book, beta and Quant Solutions teams, to our electronic trading, and market structure experts, we are focused on helping our clients make the right choices, and unlock global liquidity.

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UBS ATS Wouldn't it be great if alternative liquidity actually provided an alternative?

UBS ATS, an SEC-registered Alternative Trading System, crosses non-displayed orders in US equity securities.

We offer diverse liquidity across market caps with orders for over 7,000 individual stocks and ETFs passing through the ATS daily, spanning 40+ market sectors.

UBS ATS provides the opportunity to interact with a broad range of clients and market participants, including institutional, retail, DMA, UBS trading desks, as well as order flow from broker-dealers, market makers and active traders (sometimes referred to as “HFT”), subject to certain crossing restrictions.

The UBS Price Improvement Network in the US ("UBS PIN (US)") is a differentiated segment of liquidity operated within the UBS ATS. UBS PIN (US) facilitates interaction between any combination of UBS Retail Orders, UBS institutional algorithmic order flow, and UBS Principal Orders1.

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As part of our continued commitment to transparency to help our clients understand exactly how their orders are handled within our pools, we have made the following documents available:



Our unique non-displayed crossing network and quality liquidity with algorithmic institutional, retail 2 and wealth management flow.



UBS MTF is our non-displayed multilateral trading facility for European stocks which incorporates principles including efficiency, fair access and client choice.

We offer a diverse range of liquidity across various European markets.