Invest succesfully Unique investment process for your wealth

It takes clear goals, a well - executed strategy and the ability to move fast in order to achieve investment success. This is what we offer you through our investment process.

How you benefit from our investment process

Our investment process is structured for your success

Identify key drivers and trends in global markets and economies.
Our analysts continuously monitor the global markets. They provide daily insights and independent views across all key markets in order to put the latest developments in context and to identify investment opportunities as well as market risks.

Develop best-case, baseline, and worst-case scenarios
Economists apply these insights within our analytical frameworks, which aid in the assessment and anticipation of market developments, to identify economic trends and major inflection points both globally and locally.

Define a range of appropriate investment strategies
Investment strategists leverage these research insights and scenarios to identify and assess key market risks, favorable investment opportunities, and risk and return expectations.

Challenge investment strategies and views through rigorous debate
Senior investment professionals in our Wealth Management Chief Investment Office ensure replicable, high-quality results by debating and rigorously challenging investment strategies and views with top investment professionals from across UBS as well as leading external investment experts. These debates are a vital component in the formulation of our independent UBS Wealth Management House View.

UBS Wealth Management House View
To support you with market insights, clear analyses and innovative ideas, the Chief Investment Officer formulates the UBS Wealth Management House View. This is UBS Wealth Management's investment strategy, based on the analyses and assessments conducted and vetted throughout the investment process.