Plan for the life you want

Our job is to help you set goals and then create a plan to achieve them, whether it’s growing the family wealth or leaving a legacy. We know everyone has different priorities. For decades, we’ve helped people across the world create plans that are tailored to them.

Preparing for life’s milestones

There are bumps in the road on every journey. Good financial planning is flexible enough to adjust to the unexpected. This is why, at UBS, wealth planning is a dynamic process that adapts to whatever’s going on in your life. Nothing should stand between you and your long-term goals.

One wealth, many aspects

UBS Wealth Planning Advice begins with a thorough meeting in which we analyse your current and future financial position according to 6 main dimensions.

How can I pass on my wealth in line with my desires?

This is a delicate topic, especially when the succession criteria provided for under existing rules do not fully meet your wishes - for instance, if there are no direct-line heirs or if you want to protect vulnerable people who cannot legally be considered part of your family.

An open and honest conversation with our experts will help you take a step in the right direction.

How can I protect myself from future risks and guarantee a certain standard of living even after retiring? The trip you have dreamed of for a whole lifetime? New activities? Passions to grow? UBS Wealth Planning Advice can help you assess a spending plan and create adequate financial plans.

Is my wealth efficiently organised?

Starting from a careful assessment of the structure and profitability of your personal or family wealth, we can evaluate and plan the best solution to optimise its organisation, make your income flows more efficient as well as manage or prevent any future financial outflows.

How can I best diversify my investments and my activities?

If you decided to diversify your interests - in economic terms or otherwise - both on a geographical and sectoral level, we can analyse the right solutions with you to make your organisational and administrative management more efficient.

Am I fully aware of how my investments are taxed and can I make them more efficient?
Our experts will facilitate the understanding of any tax aspects concerning your investments, hence simplifying the required administrative compliances, e.g. using our trust services to simplify tax calculations and the related administrative burden for foreign investment.

Is my business is achieving its full potential?

You know your business better than anyone else, but often entrepreneurs are so involved they cannot see the bigger picture. If you need a new perspective, we can help you make important decisions to optimise any aspects and specific requirements that may result from your business.

Your map: what really matters

Based on our interview and on an in-depth analysis of 6 main dimensions, your financial position is assessed with respect to 4 categories, highlighted according to their relevance and attention.

This way the subsequent financial strategy will focus on what really matters to you.

It includes aspects of financial and wealth planning, the international dimension of investments and interests, entrepreneurial and professional life, standard of living and lifestyle.

It analyses the fiscal aspects of financial instruments in your portfolio, including assets abroad and equity investments.

It deals with retirement and insurance planning, including business and professional risks.

It deals with the issues of succession planning and inter-generational handovers.

Your financial plan: evolving with you

Based on your map we will help you set up the strategy you wish to adopt and find the right solutions to achieve it. We will meet regularly to check whether it is still in line with your requirements and adjust it if need be. In addition to your Client Advisor, depending on your needs you will be supported by an extensive network of Bank experts, UBS Fiduciaria, our Corporate Advisory Group or our portfolio managers, as well as by the most valuable external professionals.

Building your portfolio

Once you’re happy with your financial plan, the next step is to get your investment portfolio in place. Our investment specialists can build you a portfolio that will aim to deliver the returns you expect, taking the appropriate amount of risk suitable for you.

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