Sustainable Investments and Philanthropy

Sustainable Investments and Philanthropy

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of those around you by dealing with them firsthand? Or would you like to improve society or the environment through your financial investments?

Whatever your goals are, at UBS we can help you discover new ways to contribute to a positive and lasting change in line with your philanthropic goals.

Sustainable Investments

We select the financial instruments taking account of social and environmental aspects for you: we will help you set up an investment strategy which always complies with the goals and strategies fitting your profile thanks to the rigorous approach we follow in our investment process.

We deploy all our skills: from sustainability risk assessment through an analysis of your portfolio composition to the proposal of alternative quality solutions.

You can hence achieve a positive impact on society while benefiting from real return prospects.


Would you like to diversify your philanthropic approach? Are you looking for new opportunities across regions and sectors?

We will provide you with strategic advice and operational support.

Furthermore, through our network of experts and philanthropists we can also help you get in touch with a number of counterparties hence increasing the positive impact of your actions.

But that is not all: we will give you access to local and global events and conferences to be regularly updated on trends and approaches in philanthropy, as well as to get in touch with the experts in your donation area.

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