Your new Home for Wealth Management in Monaco

UBS Monaco has started the full renovation of its flagship building Villa Belgica.

Designed by the world-renowned Architect Jean Nouvel, UBS Monaco headquarters, called “GB2” due to its postal address 2, avenue de Grande Bretagne, is described as «une harmonie de croissance - a harmony of growth».

Awarded for its eco-design, Villa Belgica, erected in the 19th century on Avenue de Grande-Bretagne, aims to be a "synthesis between architecture and thermal comfort". It is characterized as a golden design, according to the "Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings" label .

This commitment from UBS Monaco to build one of the most sustainable building shows that the bank walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. This echoes the decision made in late 2020, when UBS was the first major global financial institution to make sustainable investment its preferred solution for private clients investing globally.

Beyond its design, the new GB2 will be masterpiece in terms of sustainability, recognized with several awards and labels such as:

  • 1st building BD2M with gold standards
  • Excellence BREEAM 

UBS Monaco is building the home for Wealth Management in Monaco, a place to live dedicated to wealth management clients.

Key Dates 

  • Q4 2021: Demolition
  • 2022: Demolition, shell, core & façade
  • 2023: Landscaping
  • 2024: Close out
  • Q4 2024: Move in