You set the goal, we make it happen

Our managed investment experts handle the day to day details, and you can relax knowing there’s a watchful eye on your portfolio at all times.

When you want to delegate

Investing well is a full time job and sometimes emotions can get in the way. Many of our clients don’t have the time or inclination to manage their own portfolio, so they choose to hand it over to our managers. UBS’s investment experts navigate complex markets on your behalf, without letting anything cloud their investment decisions.

What happens in our first meeting?

You might do most of the talking in our first meeting. It's so we can really get to know you, and your hopes for the future. Once we have a detailed picture of your finances (and your life), we can suggest the right strategy for you.

Once you're happy with our recommendations, we'll structure your investments around it. Whatever you want to achieve, we’ll tailor the solution to help you get there.