Legal information

Fair Disclosure ((Section 16A(a)(2) to the Investment Advice Law)

  1. UBS Wealth Management Israel Ltd. ("UBS Israel") is licensed as Portfolio Management Company and engages also in Investment Marketing (not Advisory). UBS Israel is part of a group of companies consisting of UBS Group AG and its subsidiaries and their affiliates and branches (the "UBS Group").
  2. UBS Israel was registered together with UBS Switzerland AG ("UBS Switzerland") under the "Foreign Dealer" ("Osek Zar") registration, which shall enable UBS Israel's clients to receive Discretionary / Portfolio Management Services and/or Non-Discretionary Investment Marketing Services from UBS Switzerland.
  3. Members of UBS Group engage, amongst others, in the issuance of Financial Assets and in the distribution of Financial Assets of other issuers for fees or other benefits. In performing transactions as part of the Discretionary / Portfolio Management Services or providing Investment Marketing Services with respect to Financial Assets, UBS Israel and/or UBS Switzerland, as applicable, may prefer various Financial Assets which are affiliated with UBS Israel and/or UBS Switzerland, as detailed below, and as amended from time to time. The following are the types of such Financial Assets:

    Private Placement Funds
    Investment Funds
    Exchange Traded Derivatives
    FX Swaps
    FX Forwards
    Structured Products (including OTC Traded Structured Products)
    Primary Market new issues of Equities and Bonds
    Fiduciaries fixed term deposit
    Hedge Funds
    Private Equity Funds
    Commodity Funds
    Funds of Funds (e.g. Hedge funds, Commodity, Private Equity, etc)
    ETF Funds
  4. All capitalized terms used above shall have the meaning prescribed in the Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Portfolio Management Law, 5755-1995 (together with the regulations promulgated thereunder the "Advisory Law").