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As a global financial firm with offices in over 45 countries, we provide you with access to the world’s leading financial centers. Plus a choice of convenient UBS international banking centers ensure geographic diversification of your wealth.

Wealth Management Stories

Life is full of exciting twist and turns. It's full of questions too. How can you protect your family while following your passions? What's the best way to pass on your wealth to your children? And how can you make your future more secure? To find out how we can help, check out the real-life stories of Maggie, Michael, and Alejandra.

Plan for the life you want

Maggie loves her job. And with a ten-year old daughter, she adores her family. How can she take care of her family, wherever they live in the world? Meanwhile, Michael's thinking about passing on his business, assets, and values to his kids. How can he do it in the right way? Watch the stories of Maggie and Michael.

Invest to make it happen

Alejandra's living her dream: to run a restaurant in London. Now she wants to get more involved in investing. Who can help her make the right decisions? Maggie also wants to do the right thing – by investing ethically in sustainable businesses. How can she start making a positive change? Check out the stories of Alejandra and Maggie.

Are you interested in sustainable investing?

Investing wisely

Managing your own portfolio comes with a lot of challenges. Here are ten key questions that investors must ask themselves every day.

How financially confident are you?

Financial confidence counts for so much in life. Find out how it can empower you to take control of your wealth – and achieve your lifelong goals.

International banking

Managing wealth internationally offers a wide range of advantages. Your client advisor will be happy to explain how you can benefit from UBS's global network and international banking solutions.

Our business services

We offer a wide range of products and investment services designed for the unique needs of professional service firms and financial intermediaries.

Services for Individuals and Family Offices

At UBS we know that our clients have very specific requirements that require tailored products and services.

Whether for your family, your business, or yourself, our priority is to deliver individual solutions that serve your needs at the right time. We believe in supporting your passions, whether for contemporary art, culture, or sports. And we’re committed to helping you realize your beliefs and ideals, for example through our leading philanthropy services.

Our in-house expertise delivering distinctive financial products and advice, combined with our extensive global network of premium and luxury services, give you access to solutions that are as individual as you are.