The future belongs to those who plan for it

It is never too early to think about succession planning or about how to safeguard your assets against unforeseen circumstances. We offer a number of flexible trust solutions that may help you in this planning.

About trusts

Trusts have been used for succession and estate planning for centuries and continue to offer flexible and reliable ways to help safeguard your assets and transfer them smoothly to the next generation.

A trust is established when the owner of assets, 'the settlor', transfers or 'settles' assets upon a trustee to hold and administer for the benefit of 'beneficiaries', who may include family members, other individuals, charities, and/or the settlor. Assets held in trust are legally owned by the trustee. The trust relationship is governed by a trust deed that binds the trustee and sets out the terms under which the trust property is held.

Trusts offer a wide range of options and are highly flexible. They can be tailored to your needs, both now and as your needs change over time.

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