Examples 2019

Fabiano Alborghetti, La balma dei cervi, novel

Fabiano Alborghetti, La balma dei cervi, novel

The Ticino-based author Fabiano Alborghetti received a work grant for his work on a verse narrative that grapples with the history and culture of the Walsers between Bosco/Gurin in Ticino and Formazza in Italy. The lyric poet was presented with the Swiss Literature Award in 2018 for his novel and verse epic Maiser.
The work grant from the UBS Culture Foundation amounts to CHF 15 000

Dreampixies Sàrl, Citoyen Nobel, documentary film

Dreampixies Sàrl, Citoyen Nobel, documentary film

Swiss scientist Jacques Dubochet received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry on 4 October 2017. The documentary filmmaker Stephane Goël accompanied the biochemist for 18 months, documenting on film how the award and Dubochet’s sudden thrust into the spotlight turned his life upside-down.
The UBS Culture Foundation supported the production with CHF 30 000.

Kartause Ittingen Foundation

Kartause Ittingen Foundation, premiere of the piece “Atlas” by Helena Winkelman

The famed composer Helena Winkelman created a piece for solo cello, timpani, and strings for the 2019 Whitsun concert in Ittingen, which also featured the works of Joseph Haydn. Atlas debuted to great success with cellist Nicolas Altstaedt and the Lockenhaus Festival Strings.
The UBS Culture Foundation supported the composition with CHF 6 000.

Urs August Steiner

Urs August Steiner, promotion grantfunding

In his filmic, installative and sculptural artistic practice, Urs August Steiner (b. 1980) focuses on topics including visions from science fiction films that, thanks to science, have taken root in our day-to-day lives, such as the desire for immortality. He undertakes in-depth research, experiments with materials and forms, and grapples with the space at hand. The material, whether created or found, is destroyed and recomposed to form a new narrative.
The UBS Culture Foundation supports the artist with funding amounting to CHF 10 000.

Röm.-kath. Kirchgemeinde Oberdorf

Röm.-kath. Kirchgemeinde Oberdorf, restoration of Kirche Maria Himmelfahrt

The parish church in Oberdorf, a Marian pilgrimage site that is a major example of Baroque religious art, was inaugurated in 1615, with stucco by Michael Schmutzer added in the 1660s. This is the most significant grouping of stucco by a representative of the famous Bavarian Wessobrunner School on Swiss soil. The church’s silhouette is shaped by its tall, steep roofs and its mediaeval tower with a spherical, southern European roof featuring a lantern and onion dome. The pictorial decoration around the altar contributes to creating a striking impression overall, with the church listed as a Cultural Property of National Importance.
The UBS Culture Foundation supports the interior restoration of the Maria Himmelfahrt church with CHF 10 000.

Associazione AARDT, «Finalmente Cittadine!» publication, Humanities & Cultural Sciences

Founded in 2001, the AARDT association encompasses an archive, a library and a centre of excellence for women’s history, with a particular focus on women from Ticino who played a significant role in culture, society, politics and business during the 19th and 20th centuries. The anthology «Finalmente Cittadine! La conquista dei diritti delle donne in Ticino (1969-1971)» offers various perspectives on women’s political rights in the canton of Ticino and the attainment of female suffrage via the referendum held in October 1969. Covering the period from the turn of the 20th century to the 1980s, this publication bridges a key research gap.
Its development is being supported by the UBS Culture Foundation with a project grant of CHF 5,000.