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Dev Ops

Group Chief Technology Officer, Rick Carey, and his GitLab counterpart, Eric Johnson, recently sat down to discuss our partnership, and how we’re collaborating to make technology a differentiator at UBS.

But what is GitLab and what role does this partnership play in our “technology as a differentiator” goal?

In the simplest terms, GitLab offers a platform to manage the entire software development process. And, together with GitLab, we’ve developed and implemented a DevOps platform of our own at UBS – a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). Our platform, called DevCloud, is empowering our engineers to more quickly design, test and launch solutions that promote a seamless client experience.

"We have an expression at UBS, ‘all developers wait at the same speed,’ so anything we can do to reduce their waiting time is value added. And GitLab allows us to have that integrated experience. Our developers should be able to build cloud-native applications on a cloud-native platform and have the best-in-class developer experience. That was our goal," says Rick Carey, Group Chief Technology Officer at UBS.

With our DevCloud, a platform which revolutionizes UBS’s ability to cover the entire application development process in just one place, we pull ahead of many of our competitors and break barriers between coding, testing, and deployment. In addition, this technology enables UBS to engineer cloud-native applications as well as traditional banking applications from one platform. And, by providing our engineers with a best-in-class developing experience, we ensure that they are driven to deliver the best digital solutions for our clients, something that is directly aligned to the firm’s strategic imperatives.

Want to learn more about our partnership and UBS’s journey? Listen to the highlights of what Rick and Eric had to say in the video below.