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The goal of DevCloud is to enable our software engineers to develop in the cloud and to fully realize the benefits of our agile methodology and DevOps approach. DevOps enables us to constantly develop, test and deploy technical solutions while they are running. Decreasing time-to-market for our clients and costs. It boosts our cloud game and software engineering. The collaboration with GitLab enables us to follow a fully cloud-native path. 

GitLab will be a fundamental part of our cloud journey, and thus accelerate our strategy. With our DevCloud, we leapfrog many of our competitors and break the barriers between coding, testing, and deployment. In addition we expect this technology to enable us to engineer our cloud native applications as well as our traditional banking applications from one platform.
Mike Dargan, Head of Group Technology
Gitlab’s DevOps 8: By highly automating the software development pipeline, DevOps speeds up the creation of live applications from weeks to minutes.

By using DevCloud as a single platform for the entire DevOps lifecycle, UBS aims to increase efficiency by eliminating communications between different tools, and decreases maintenance costs. Developers, operators, and auditors have access to the same information and thus the ability to drill from a global view to a single repository.

GitLab’s DevOps platform cloud paired with UBS’s custom extensions redefines the bank's developing and engineering experience: Product owners from the different businesses, software developers as well as test and tech operators have access to the same information and collaborate closely in order to enable the bank to meet and excel its client’s needs.

Agile and DevOps in conjunction with our cloud journey are the way to even more dynamic, higher quality, and more efficient software engineering. This is the essence of our DevCloud.
Mike Dargan, Head of Group Technology

UBS and GitLab are members of the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), which addresses common industry challenges and drives innovation in the finance sector. The cooperation aims at also contributing to and benefiting from the standardization and wider adoption of security frameworks and financial tools. These standards will be sharable with other financial industries and are expected to contribute to the overall development of banking of the future as well as increase of efficiency and cooperation within the ecosystem.