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Where do women stand today?

In the last few years, the world has changed in fundamental ways. Everyone has a point of view about those changes, but we can all agree it’s been a catalyst for reevaluation on every level. In our latest UBS Own Your Worth research, we discovered, for women especially, it has stirred a desire to focus on a greater sense of purpose. Here’s how.

Women and investing

Planning for your legacy

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    do not know how much wealth they can pass on to the next generation.

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    are interested in receiving advice around investing in illiquid assets.

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    claim that having a professional to facilitate would help ease discussions around inheritance plans

Reimagining advice

At UBS we want to create an inclusive system that serves both men and women so everyone can be financially confident, have a greater impact with their wealth, and secure it for future generations starting now.

Creating an impact

Empowering women through philanthropy

Did you know that a study by the World Bank found that every additional year of education for a girl increases her future earning potential by 10-20 percent and every additional year of secondary school can boost her earning potential by 15-25 percent?

Through philanthropy and social finance, our clients and employees support women and girls to give them the tools to reach their full potential, because when they are empowered, they can more effectively contribute to their families, communities and economies. This has a powerful ripple effect on positive social and economic outcomes for everyone.

Celebrating the women of economics

Every year on International Women’s Day, we commemorate the social, economic, and political achievements of women around the world.

This year, we’re celebrating two women who have shaped economics, both with their discoveries and by breaking gender barriers.

Photo of Elinor Ostrom
Photo of Elinor Ostrom

UBS Female Founders


Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, founder of The S Factor


Michelle Lee, founder of I'm Soul Inc

Solutions for the funding gap

In this digital publication, we give voice to women entrepreneurs and investors to learn from their experiences and advice. Watch, listen, and read about proposed solutions for narrowing the funding gap.

Listen now: Celebrating Atypical women

Do you want to understand the unique strengths that neurodiverse women bring to the table? UBS Ability networks got together to produce an exciting new podcast that explores the challenges and experiences of neurodiverse women in the workplace. But it's not just about the challenges, it's about celebrating their strengths and how they use their differences to their advantage.

Photo of Catherine Lapadula



Market Head at UBS New York International and Senior Sponsor of UBS Ability Network, United States

Photo of Anne D Ferguson


Anne D

Brand Communication Specialist & ADHD Advocate, Switzerland

Photo of Camille Nemitz



Psychiatry-Psychotherapy MDPhD in Neurosciences, Switzerland

Photo of Ruth-Ellen Danquah



Chief Innovation Officer at Exceptional Individuals, United Kingdom

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