Globally, UBS's family networks help employees improve their well being and the well being of their families, including parents, step-parents, children, siblings, partners, or any other family members. We also have numerous policies, programs and initiatives to help employees better manage their work and family commitments. Here are some examples:

  • Our enhanced adoption and maternity leave policy in the UK offers full pay for up to 26 weeks. We also offer enhanced "shared parental leave" (up to 26 weeks' full pay both for mothers and fathers) to share childcare responsibilities.
  • In the US and Puerto Rico, UBS provides twenty (20) weeks of gender-neutral paid leave to care for the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child. This provides men, women, and same-sex partners equal access to 20 weeks of parental leave, as we have removed the primary and secondary caregiver designation. If both partners work for UBS, they can both take up to 20 weeks of leave.
  • Our Working Parents Coaching Programme offers coaching and online support to UK employees and line managers. A similar program in the US provides one-on-one coaching.
  • Parental Buddy programs in the UK and Switzerland are expanding and connect employees with like-minded peers and parents to share advice and contacts to help navigate working parenthood.
  • UBS in the UK has made a commitment to helping its employees manage their care responsibilities by partnering with My Family Care: UBS will pay for up to 10 sessions of backup care booked per year, which can be used across Emergency Childcare, School Holiday Cover, and Backup Adult & Eldercare.

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