UBS Career Comeback

Our door is always open for those looking to carry on where they left off.

Hit the ground running

We’ll help you get your career back up to speed.

We know it's never easy for experienced professionals - especially women - to find the right opportunity after a few years out. UBS Career Comeback is the perfect place for a fresh (re)start. The program will put you in the right position to resume your career, whether it’s in one of our financial business areas, or in a corporate function role.

We're specifically looking for experienced professionals who:

  • have been on a career break for approximately two (or more) years
  • are looking to return to work in a full-time or part-time capacity
  • have significant and directly relevant experience in a comparable firm, along with the skills and experience levels that fit the roles for which we're recruiting 
  • are in tune with our unique culture
  • In short, if you’re competent in English and have the right level of skill and experience, one of our many permanent roles that are open across the firm will give you the perfect opportunity to thrive with us.

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Your benefits

Here is what you'll get.

Hired into a permanent position from day one.

Start with an onboarding program that gets you up to speed on UBS and the financial industry.

Part of a group of people who go through the program together and support each other.

Part of peer/group coaching sessions facilitated by an experienced coach.

Paired with a mentor who will accompany you through the program.

Have a buddy who'll make sure that your first weeks on the job go smoothly and that you easily transition into your role and the team.

Career areas

How we hire

Apply online

Applying has never been easier. Start with searching our job board. You can submit your CV directly or import your LinkedIn profile. Focus on applying for jobs that match your talents by carefully reading the overview and qualification information. Keep in mind that you can only apply for up to five jobs a month.

Not able to find a suitable position? Let us do the work. Create a job alert by clicking on the "Save this search" button in the job board. You'll automatically receive email notifications for new openings that match your interests.

Matching up

Depending on the role you've applied for, you may be required to complete one or more online assessments. With these tests, we want to evaluate specific competencies you may need in your role and get an insight into how you think.

You may be asked to complete no more than two of the following:

UBS Cultural Appraiser (15 minutes): Culture is key. The Cultural Appraiser will give you realistic, hypothetical work scenarios designed to assess how well you align to our culture and values.

Learn about our culture and three keys to success: Pillars, Principles and Behaviors

Coding Challenge (60-120 minutes): For roles in Technology, you'll be asked to solve challenges in a native coding environment with real-time feedback. This simulation helps us determine if your skills are a good match for the role.

UBS Video Assessor (30 minutes): Some roles could involve a video interview recording as part of the screening process. This can be done at a time and place convenient to you. Don't worry – you can record as many practice interviews as you like before your actual interview.

Tips to nail your video assessment

Face-to-face, (or, Screen-to-screen)

The final stage of the selection process is a series of virtual or face-to-face interviews held at one of our offices. You'll have a chance to meet your future line manager and potentially senior leaders in the business. Give us a glimpse into your personality, capabilities, and compatibility with your desired position. Here's your chance to market yourself, so let your personality shine and make a lasting impression on us.

COVID-19 note: virtual interview. Don't worry if not everything works out as planned (technical, background noise, etc.) – we understand (and are in the same situation).

Here’s a few tips from us:

  • Prepare. Think about the typical questions that could come up in an interview, and what your responses would be. Having a few key points in your head that you’d want to get across is a great way to prepare.
  • Practice. Practicing with a friend or family member will give your confidence a boost before your next interview with us.[KA3]
  • Persuade. Showing a level of knowledge that matches your years of experience will go a long way towards convincing us you’re right for the role (as well as asking questions).
  • Know our people. Attend one of our events to meet us (if available). Or read more about Life at UBS . Get a sense of who we are, how we operate as an organization, and what our priorities are.
  • Be open and honest. We want to know about your ideas. We’re also curious about your interests and experiences, and what you’ve learned from them. Who you are is important to us, so let us see the real you. If you don’t know something, just say so. The ability to ask when you don’t know is a strength, while bluffing is a weakness.
  • Listen and think. Take your time when answering. Repeating or rephrasing the question, or asking for clarification, can be a good way to help you compose your thoughts.

You might also want to read this: A checklist for a strong interview

A perfect match

After the interviews, we’ll reach out to you with feedback as soon as possible. If it’s good news, we might ask you for some extra information (credit checks, referrals, etc.), so we can finish up the final screening process.

Don’t take our word for it

Hear what our people have to say

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