Business unusual

UBS is well-prepared to face the challenges ahead, and help clients navigate turbulent markets.

As a global business we’ve been tracking the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak since it first appeared in Asia. And we’ve put some fast, decisive measures in place to make sure we:

  • help to get funding and supplies to the people who need them most
  • protect the safety of everyone at UBS, our clients, all our families and the communities we work in
  • adapt to the risks and safeguard our financial position 
  • carry on helping our clients make the right financial decisions in unpredictable, fast-changing markets.

Here’s how we’re preparing for the times ahead:

We’re still here for you

It’s still business as usual for us, but with a few tweaks to keep everyone safe.

Our global workforce is well set up for flexible and remote working. It's something we've been doing for years. Some of us are working from home and some from our offices – where it’s safe for us to do so.

And we've made sure we have the right systems in place to allow us to carry on serving you with minimal disruption, even with unprecedented levels of demand across our network and digital client channels.

We’re socially distanced, but no less connected

Although we won’t be seeing you in person for the time being, we’re still here, on-screen and on the phone, ready to help.

  • We’re using technology to help thousands of employees to work from home and to communicate and interact with you digitally.
  • We’re holding hundreds of one-to-one meetings and large webinars online to help you navigate the current markets.
  • We’re even organizing online viewings of art exhibitions for clients looking at investing in art.

And we're constantly monitoring the resilience of our platforms to make sure you can continue to access the very best of UBS.  

We’ll keep you up to date

Things are moving very rapidly. We'll let you know when things change.

As a firm we're deeply concerned for the well-being of our clients, employees and their families, and for the communities we operate in across the world.  

COVID-19 has thrown us all into testing, unfamiliar times – both personally and financially.  But we’re well prepared and we’re here to help you in the same way we always do.

We’re doing our part to help the wider world

We’ve launched an emergency response through our UBS Optimus Foundation partnering with Americares and the Beijing United Charity Foundation (BUCF) – two of our trusted partners for humanitarian aid.

Through these partnerships, we’re helping to get crucial medical supplies to the people who need them most. We’re also boosting funding for infection prevention and control across the globe.

We’ve already donated one million US dollars to BUCF and an additional USD 500,000 to Americares. If you’re able to help too, we’ll match any donations made by our clients or employees.

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