Quarterly reporting

UBS financial information

Third quarter 2020

3Q20 net profit USD 2.1bn, 21.9% return on CET1 capital

  • PBT USD 2.6bn, +92% YoY; adjusted1 PBT USD 2.1bn, +41% YoY
  • Best third quarter PBT in a decade
  • Net profit USD 2.1bn, +99% YoY; return on CET1 capital2 21.9%; cost/income ratio 70.4%; diluted EPS USD 0.56
  • CET1 capital ratio 13.5% and CET1 leverage ratio3 3.8% after establishing a USD 1.5bn reserve for potential share repurchases beginning in 2021
  • UBS’s Board of Directors proposes the second tranche of 2019 dividend of USD 0.365 per share to be paid in November 2020
  • UBS makes sustainable investments its preferred solution for clients of its USD 2.8trn Global Wealth Management business

Second quarter 2020

2Q20 net profit USD 1.2bn, 13.2% RoCET1

  • 2Q20 PBT USD 1.6bn, (10%) YoY or +5% excluding CLE
  • 2Q20 net profit (11%) YoY; return on CET1 capital1 13.2%; cost/income ratio 75.8%; diluted EPS USD 0.33
  • 1H20 PBT USD 3.6bn, +9% YoY or +24% excluding CLE
  • 1H20 net profit USD 2.8bn, +12% YoY; return on CET1 capital1 15.4%; cost/income ratio 74.0%; diluted EPS USD 0.76
  • Strong capital position with CET1 capital ratio 13.3%; CET1 leverage ratio2 3.9%; tier 1 leverage ratio2,3 5.5%, all excluding any temporary regulatory relief

First quarter 2020

1Q20 net profit USD 1.6bn, 17.7% RoCET1

  • PBT USD 2.0bn, +30% YoY and net profit +40% YoY; return on CET1 capital1 17.7%; cost/income ratio 72.3%; diluted EPS USD 0.43
  • Strong capital position with CET1 capital ratio 12.8%; CET1 leverage ratio2 3.8%; tier 1 leverage ratio2,3 5.4%, all excluding any regulatory relief
  • In highly volatile and uncertain markets, UBS remained a reliable partner to its clients, extending credit well beyond government-sponsored programs
  • UBS demonstrated strong front-to-back operational resilience, facilitating uninterrupted connectivity with a substantial increase in volumes and client interactions
  • UBS is fully committed to playing its part in mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 crisis; supporting employees, clients and communities