FX Algorithmic Execution

UBS Neo offers institutional investors access to a range of FX algorithmic execution strategies.

A suite of strategies at your fingertips.

Our intelligent FX algorithms are designed to access liquidity, mitigate market impact and optimize your performance by reacting rapidly to market events. Additional functionality allows for customization in line with your execution goals.

Available strategies include:


Looks to fill urgently using liquidity from UBS Principal, ECNs & correlated Futures instruments. It is best used when wanting to be filled urgently, using a wide range of liquidity sources.


Works the order in line with a target participation band chosen through urgency. It watches short term market movements, becoming more urgent if the market moves on side and backs off as the market moves away.

UBS Float

Places order on the bid, mid-point or offer and floats with price movements. Anti-gaming functionality looks not to flag the movement.


Time-based order that attempts to trade at an even pace over a specified time.


Volume-based order that trades in line with historic UBS market volume over the time you specify.

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