FX Cash Instruments

Execute and leave orders quickly and efficiently through UBS Neo

UBS Neo Cash FX allows you to trade Spot, Forwards and Swaps in just a few clicks. An easy-to-navigate quick trade panel and order management functionality allows you to access the FX liquidity you need.

Available functionality includes:

Quick Trade

Trade 550 currency pairs in majors or EM currencies with a single click from the Quick Trade grid. Configure your Quick Trade panel display outright for Forwards, Swaps or a combination.

Quick Orders

Place orders inside the bid/ask spread directly from the Quick Trade Panel. Choose between manual or automatic order execution and enter single leg limits and stops.

Liquidity Ladder

Create your own bespoke liquidity ladder with single/double click execution. See the depth of the market instantly.

Mini Order Blotter

Quickly see the status of your currency specific orders directly from the quick trade panel.

Spot, Forward and Swap Tickets

Launch individual FX and Precious Metals Spot, Forward and Swap tickets.

Order Tickets

Launch order tickets from the Quick Trade panel which allows you to leave single leg limits and stops, if-done, OCO and other multi-leg orders.

Integrated Blotter

Customise your blotter to filter by product or by order status. Use the search feature to find the trade or order you are looking for.

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