FX Options

Changing the way to view and trade options with UBS Trade Pricer FX

Built to change the way the industry views FX Options, away from the traditional quote-and-price driven model, to a full-service approach that helps you trade more effectively, raising the bar on idea generation and monetizing your positions over the lifetime of your trade.

  • Comprehensive product coverage across FX pairs and derivatives structures with hundreds of payoffs available.
  • Run grids of variations, view scenarios and backtest alternative derivatives strategies.
  • Alerting functionality so you never miss an opportunity.
  • Suggested restructuring ideas for trades in your portfolio.
  • Improved workflows - easily share, save favorites and even set schedules for automating your daily pricing runs or scenarios.

UBS Trade Pricer functionality includes:

Pre-trade analytics

  • Create menus of suggestions in pricing grids.
  • Set up alerts for desired entry points.
  • Share with colleagues and easily tag favorites.


  • RFQ on over 350+ FX Option payoffs available on all underlyings (G10, EM, PM).
  • Liquid products offer click and deal streaming with live delta hedge.

Post-trade analytics

  • Run scenarios with market data bumps.
  • Set up alerts on any property of any trade.
  • View automated restructuring suggestions.
  • See cached historical performance of trades.

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