FX Options

Trade an extensive range of FX options with UBS Neo. Stream tradeable prices and make the most of your FX portfolio quickly and decisively.

Stream tradeable prices around the clock and trade a broad range of FX options.

Making the most of your FX portfolio requires a high degree of precision, alongside a deep understanding of the complexities of the currency market. Through UBS Neo, you can trade an extensive range of options quickly and decisively.

  • Vanillas: Vanilla, straddle, strangle, risk reversal, spread, calendar spread
  • Barriers: Generic barrier, knock-out (KO), knock-in (KI), reverse knock-out (RKO), reverse knock-in (RKI), European RKO, European RKI, European KIKO, RKO with rebate
  • Payouts and digitals: Touch, no-touch, double no-touch, digital, digital barrier
  • Exotic forwards: Knock-out forward, knock-in forward, European knock-in forward, double knock-in forward, reset forward

Available functionality includes:

Dual-Pricer Mode

Our dual-mode option pricing has been engineered for performance and clarity, making execution easy and efficient.

Strip Wizard

Generate a repeating pattern across successive expiry dates using the Strip Wizard. Set up an expiry, and then use the Strip Wizard to replicate it on a regular basis (monthly, biweekly, weekly).


Solve for both strike and notional in UBS Neo, with dealable “solved-for” structures. When solving for strike it is possible to target all strikes, selected strikes or a single strike.

Integrated Blotter

Customise your blotter to show your complete vanilla and first-generation exotic trade population. Use the convenient search feature to find the option you are looking for.

FX Volatility Grid

View and compare volatilities for different option maturities on a range of currency pairs using FX Volatility Grid.

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