Cash Processing

Please find below detailed information on services and solutions we can offer you:

Cash Clearing

UBS has many years of experience clearing all major international currencies and is the largest clearer of Swiss francs worldwide. Membership in the world's most important cash-clearing organizations expedites clearance of the respective currencies and enhances the overall quality of the services we offer our clients.


CLS Third-Party Services
These services have been designed to allow you to accrue the benefits brought to the marketplace through the introduction of CLS. These benefits include settlement and operational risk reduction, operational streamlining, liquidity optimization and a reduction in your outgoing payment traffic.

CLS - Continuous Linked Settlement
CLS is the first global multi-currency clearing system designed to provide members with the liquidity, funds transfer and real-time reporting services required for efficient, reliable foreign exchange clearing. Jointly developed by UBS with other partners, its secure payment-versus-payment principle will enhance our services and help keep our clients at the head of the market.

UBS KeyLink

We can offer you our solution: UBS as your „Cash Custodian”. This offer is based on our combined proven capabilities in clearing, CLS and cash management. Our approach is unique, because we implement this solution with you – and focus on integrating what have traditionally been functional silos.

UBS KeyLink is an example of this integrated approach across the transaction lifecycle – from trading to reconciliation. UBS KeyLink is a modular client interface for e-banking services that revolutionizes your correspondent relationships. It enables you to communicate securely with UBS, and facilitates the management of the cash/currency products, securities and precious metals business streams.
Since this e-solution is based on SWIFT, a globally recognized format, it allows you to communicate with UBS and any other SWIFT member Bank* worldwide in a variety of product areas.

*Banks must have signed a SWIFT multibanking agreement with UBS for that customer.