Employee networks

In 2012, approximately 14,000 employees across UBS were members of 21 employee networks. These networks, representing affinities such as gender, culture, life stage or sexual orientation, help build relationships across our businesses and an open climate where employees feel their values are welcomed in a professional capacity. Our global network guidelines enable employees to set up or join employee networks/affinity groups in all our operating regions.

Additionally, our human resource policies and processes have global coverage and outline our commitment to a non-discriminating, harassment-free workplace and equal opportunities for all employees.

All Bar None APAC

In APAC there is one employee network that represents the interests of all of the diversity groups. This is known as All Bar None within the region.

Multi-cultural network

The multi-cultural network appeals to employees of different ethnicities, cultures and social groups who are interested……

disAbility network

Employees interested in any area of disability awareness, may wish to join the disAbility awareness network, which was established with the aim of attracting and harnessing the talents of people with disabilities.

Pride networks

The pride networks built a platform for employees who are interested in creating and sustaining an LGBT friendly environment where people are comfortable being open and honest about their sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity.

Family networks

UBS family networks aim to make resources available to employees to improve their well being and the well being of their families. By families we mean parents, step-parents, children, siblings, partners, careers or any other family roles.

Women's networks

UBS women's networks around the globe are open to all employees. They provide networking, mentoring and leadership opportunities that encourage professional and personal development.

"Our grassroots employee networks are flourishing, with over 20 networks addressing cultural awareness, disability, family, heritage, sexual orientation, gender and other aspects of Diversity. Because of the inclusive and supportive environment at UBS, thousands of our employees are members of one or more networks, and many more participate in network-sponsored activities and events."


Michelle Bereaux, Global Head of IB Human Resources;
Executive Sponsor, Cultural Awareness Network UK;
Member, UK Regional Diversity Board