Four steps to the right strategy and long-term performance

We proactively provide you as an institutional investor, company representative with comprehensive advice and support based on your individual risk capacity and risk tolerance. This focuses on proposals as to how you can design, implement, monitor and adjust your investment strategies.

Four steps to an individual investment strategy

It is our goal to develop an investment strategy that is optimally aligned with your needs and the opportunities available. Our specialists for institutional investors will advise you in a structured, four-step process.

Four Steps to individual investment strategy

Investment decisions for institutional clients and companies are based on clients‘ individual needs, investment goals and future obligations. The aim of strategic asset allocation is to define a longer-term investment strategy geared toward specific risk capacities and tolerances.

The investment strategy you choose forms the basis for future investment decisions and essentially determines the risk/return characteristics of your portfolio.

Knowing your risk capacity and risk tolerance is of paramount importance when it comes to formulating your investment strategy. At the request of the client, we conduct analyses to establish the level of risk capacity and risk tolerance and to enable us to make specific recommendations. In order to do this, we work closely with the highest management body (Board of Trustees or CEO), which bears ultimate responsibility for determining the specific investment strategy.

This strategic allocation then forms the basis for establishing recommendations for a potential tactical allocation.

Economic forecasts, market estimates, equity and bond research are of primary importance at this stage. On the basis of the current investment policy at UBS we offer recommendations to clients to over- and underweight individual asset classes in respect of the strategic benchmark defined in the basic strategy.

At this stage our contacts are company CFOs or the investment committees of pension plans.

The strategic and tactical allocation determine the structure of the portfolio.

Our investment advisors help clients structure and implement their portfolio strategy based on the strategic and tactical asset allocation they have chosen.

In addition to classic and collective investments, modern, unconventional and tailored investment solutions can also come into play.

Even after the portfolio architecture has been set up and the securities selected, you will not be left alone: your client advisor will continue to advise you on the monitoring, analysis and adjustment of your portfolio.

Fluctuations on the securities markets, re-evaluations of opportunities and risks, changing market conditions and maturities make monitoring and tactical decision-making all the more important. The relevant bodies must scrutinize the courses of action they have taken and clients must regularly review the effectiveness of their decisions. At regular intervals or, in specific cases, on an ad-hoc basis, we will advise your board of trustees, executive board or investment committee on the implementation of these decisions and the checks you need to carry out in connection with the investment activities.