Investment process

The path to the optimal investment strategy

In just four steps we can help you find the right strategy and ensure long-term performance, with a focus on risk capacity and risk appetite.

Align goals and risks

What consequences could a strategic decision have? And what is the best approach to take if conditions change? Ask our investment specialists. With their extensive experience and specialized simulation programs, they can provide valuable assistance and help you better gage what impact a strategic decision will have.

Keeping an eye on the current economic situation

How are markets performing, what opportunities are arising – and what risks need to be avoided? And what is the best approach to take if your liquidity suddenly starts costing rather than making money? We can assist you with answers and recommendations based on analyses and forecasts from our research team.

Finding the best investment opportunities

Would an additional asset class benefit your portfolio? Foreign real estate, hedge funds, alternative investments or commodities – which alternative is actually worth your while? Take advantage of our profound knowledge of instruments and securities, as well as the know-how and experience of our investment specialists.

Measuring and optimizing success

What should you do if your liabilities change over time? Do you need new benchmarks or does your risk capacity need to be reassessed? We work with you to monitor and analyze the performance of your portfolio on an ongoing basis, and recommend changes when necessary. As a result, you can be confident of handling future events – such as fluctuations on the securities markets, re-evaluations of opportunities and risks, maturities and changing market conditions.