Forgotten your wallet?

Get through the day with the UBS apps.

Store your important documents in UBS Safe App

Store your passport or identity cards, driving license and insurance cards in the digital safe deposit box UBS Safe – and you'll have all the documents you need to hand.

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Make payments with your smartphone

Sending and requesting money between friends by smartphone. The UBS TWINT app makes it simple, quick and secure. And you can use your smartphone to pay at Selecta vending machines or in various supermarkets.

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Block your cards instantly in an emergency via the app

The UBS Mobile Banking app lets you access your account and cards at any time. In an emergency, you can even block your cards and order replacement cards directly from the app.

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Stay up to date on your account and card activity

Set up push notifications in the UBS Mobile Banking app and you’ll be informed of all account and card activity via your smartphone.

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Log in without an additional device

Download the UBS Access app and log in to your e-banking or mobile banking without the need to use an additional device.

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