New functions for Mobile Banking

Overview of the latest features for UBS Mobile Banking.

Update March 2017

Log in with the Access app

With the free UBS Access app, you can log into the Mobile Banking app easily and securely. Without an Access Card and card reader.

For your own security, you activate the Access app with a registration key before using it for the first time.

Don't miss any notifications

Important notifications can be found directly on the start page. At a glance, you will see whether something needs to be processed or whether new information is available.

For example, this includes e-bills that need approving, payments not executed and messages from your client advisor.

Setting start page favorites

You can now open key functions directly on the start page. You decide yourself which ones they are. To do this, select "Add favorite" on the start page.

Have you already selected all of your favorites and want to modify them? Just click on the "Edit" icon shown among the favorites right at the bottom of the navigation menu.

Good to know: You can simply reset the previous view as the start page under "More > Settings > Start page."

Confirming a new beneficiary

Payments to a new beneficiary need a confirmation for security reasons. Previously, this was only possible via e-banking. Now it can be easily done via the app.

You will need your Access Card with a card reader or your Access Card Display to do this.

Topping up card credit

Increase the available amount on your cards. To do this, simply log in with TouchID or your password.

You can use UBS credit cards with used-up credit limits or UBS prepaid cards with used-up credit balances again in a matter of minutes.

Select the card required under "Accounts & Cards > Payment to UBS card." If your card is not listed, simply scan the card data under "Payment to other UBS card."

Paying-in to a Fisca account

Do you want to deposit money to your Fisca account (pillar 3a) regularly or on a one-off basis? Simply enter the amount under "Payments > Payment to Fisca account."

Accessing functions quickly

You will see a round icon with three dots on some pages. You can use this to access important functions that are relevant for you at the time concerned.

Setting up a payment limit

With a monthly payment limit you can make your online payments even more secure. The payment limit applies to payments via the Mobile Banking app and e-banking.

To do this, log into e-banking, then select your payment limit under "Payments > Settings > Security settings > Payment limit."

For corporate customers

Do not miss any payments

You can now initial payments via the app – even if you are on the go. Payments to be released are shown on the start page under "Notifications."

Do you want to log in more easily when you are underway? With the Access Card Display, you no longer need a card reader. Under "More > Self-service > For safe access" you can order the Access Card Display.