Studies and analyses

Guidelines for making a complex decision

Pillar 2: A, B or C?

Pillar 2: a complex decision (German)

We explain why you should start saving early for your retirement and how you can save on taxes as you do so.

Pillar 2: A, B or C?

We as an independent partner help you find the perfect pension fund solution for your company.

UBS outlook

UBS outlook: collective foundations (German)

Can collective foundations master the challenges faced by occupational pension funds? Find the answer in three chapters:

  • Lack of reforms and competing interests
  • Experts, business models and survival chances
  • Innovative tools and interesting investment opportunities
IFZ Study Pension Funds 2021 (German)

IFZ Study Pension Funds 2021 (German)

In a brief 50 pages, you will find evaluations and assessments of current trends in and around the topic of Swiss collective and communal pension funds.

  • Current developments in the Swiss pension market
  • Selected key figures related to Swiss pension schemes

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