Three platforms for an effective apprenticeship

The SwissSkills Initiative engages in a broad-based, powerful and positive dialogue with the public on apprenticeship training. This dialogue takes place on three platforms, which make practical professional training more tangible and accessible. We are actively engaged in all three channels.

SwissSkills Mission Future: SwissSkills Career uses its digital platform and physical presence at apprenticeship fairs to present apprenticeship training as an excellent point of entry to a career. It shares emotionally resonant, positive success stories about apprenticeship training and professional work.

Our role: the platform’s exclusive partner

SwissSkills Championships: We’re doing our bit to support the national skills championships. These are the best advertising for apprenticeships and an important basis for international competitions.

The SwissSkills 2022 will take place from 7 to 11 September in Bern, Switzerland. The central skills championships are held every two years. The 2018 championships were a huge success with more than 115,000 visitors attending the world’s biggest skills show.

Our role: presenting partner

SwissSkills Team: We help the members of the Swiss national team to prepare for the international championships - EuroSkills and WorldSkills - so they can continue to demonstrate the competitiveness of the Swiss educational system in Switzerland and internationally.

Our role: exclusive Presenting Partner

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