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Great investments don't exist in a vacuum. Our investment services take into account all your financial needs, from wealth to investing. We call this your total wealth solution.

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We start getting to know you. Once we understand you and your goals, we build you a bespoke financial plan.

Then we create your investment strategy. Finally, we offer you access to our wide range of services, including philanthropy.

Plan for the life you want

Plan for the life you want

Our wealth planners will find out what matters to you. Then they draw up a detailed financial blueprint that’s flexible enough to adapt to your changing circumstances. We know everyone has different priorities. We've helped people plan for decades now, throughout the world, for all types of wealth.

Are you interested in sustainable investing?

Sustainable Investing

Invest to make it happen

Invest to make it happen

Now we understand your dreams, ambitions and needs, successful investing could help bring them to life. Our experts can support you in creating a portfolio that aims to deliver the returns you expect; all in line with your financial plan and risk tolerance.

Your holistic needs

Your holistic needs

We offer financing options, as well as services for pensions and trusts and foundations, so you can find everything you need in one place. You can also get recommendations on Philanthropy* and sustainable investment*.

Great Wealth Solutions

Great Wealth is more than a collection of values. It's bringing your vision to life, together. Turning a vision into reality demands a long-term partnership that builds on understanding and trust. We have been working for generations together with Ultra High Net Worth clients to reach this goal.

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