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Anything is possible when you manage your money the right way. At UBS Wealth Management, our mission is simple: to guide you towards a brighter future for your investments, your business, and eventually your family.

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Whatever your goals in life are, careful planning and successful investing of your wealth can help you get there. Choose your destination and we’ll draw the map.

UBS Investor Watch
on the Year Ahead

As we begin not just another year but a new decade, UBS decided to look at how investors globally are preparing for the future.

Thoughts Worth Sharing events series

The world’s changing fast. How can you keep up with the latest trends and developments? What are the opportunities and challenges? And how can you do well financially while doing good? Find answers to all these questions and more in our “Thoughts Worth Sharing” series of events, including our latest event, “Partnerships Worth Building”.


Our partnerships with well-known associations, networks and platforms are an expression of our commitment to our engagement in Israel. Find out more about our partnerships with Freshpaint (previously Fresh Fair) and other initiatives.

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We’ve tested and fine-tuned our approach over many years taking care of our clients’ wealth. Find out how we can become your trusted partner.

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