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For over 150 years we have been fortunate to provide the boldest financial management to world-renowned UHNW individuals and their families.

Because we at UBS UHNW understand that to create a lasting legacy, one must think beyond one’s own lifetime. Building legacies to last.

UBS Philanthropy

Philanthropy Advisory

Our Philanthropy Advisory offers a number of different solutions no matter at what stage of a philanthropic journey you find yourself.

Find out more about strategic advisory, exchanging knowledge, as well as giving opportunities.

Family Advisory

Your efforts today make your family wealth last.
UBS Family Advisory assists wealthy individuals and families in managing their wealth for continuity.

Leveraging a global team of experts we apply a systematic approach assisting you in developing and implementing a unique and sustainable strategy for your family.

UBS Family Advisory
Family Office

Family Office

Drawing on expertise from right across our global organization, UBS provides timely, up-to-date and appropriate advice to enable you to make informed investment decisions.

Dedicated in-house teams focus fully on ensuring you always have the big picture combined with the strategic advice most relevant to your individual situation.

Art Competence Center

There are several ways to cultivate a passion for art, and the motivation behind every art collection is different. Collectors are guided by aesthetic considerations regardless of period. Some want to build a museum, while others may plan to pass on their collection to an institution of their choice. What all great collectors have in common is their passion.

Art Competence Center

To the innovators who have shaped the modern world, true fulfillment means creating the future and leaving a legacy that lives on for generations, even spans centuries.

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Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is an investment preference that aims to generate market rate risk-adjusted return and positive impact by considering social and environmental factors in addition to pure financial considerations.

At UBS we see that our clients increasingly want to use their wealth to drive positive change in society. Investing sustainably is a powerful and effective way to achieve this without having to compromise your financial return.

Sustainable Investing