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Great Wealth is much more than a collection of assets. It’s a journey fueled by vision, passion, courage and drive, on a constant quest to shift horizons. To reach emotional fulfillment and attain greatness. And to be remembered for what you have achieved.

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Billionaires Insights 2019

A relatively small number of entrepreneurs have been the agents of change, applying new technologies and business models. Now in its fifth year, the "Billionaires insights 2019" report, analyzes how entrepreneurs’ businesses have excelled. Long-term vision, smart risk-taking, business focus and determination have resulted in businesses' outperformance.

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Backed by our global network of dedicated Ultra High Net Worth advisors, we provide skilled advice to evaluate smart risks for even the boldest of undertakings.

The conversation starts here

By understanding your vision, motivations, core values and everything else that is close to your heart, we can begin to create your very own bespoke solutions.

We at UBS UHNW take into account the four dimensions of Great Wealth – business, investments, family, and purpose – and prioritize them. We open a dialogue and begin a partnership across generations for generations, so that Great Wealth endures.

Connecting great people to create great opportunities

Connecting with purpose

Bringing together experts and like-minded Ultra High Net Worth clients around topics like art, philanthropy and legacy allows for the exchange of ideas which advances thinking and sparks innovation.


The Great Wealth Communities connect UHNW individuals with like-minded peers. The Global Philanthropists Community and the Art Circle Community are an exclusive member's only network.

Next generation

Our Next Generation Foundation event prepare the recipients of Great Wealth for the next step. Tailored to address your family wealth concerns at distinct stages of your life.

UBS UHNW Insights

Our award-winning thought leadership publications provide you with unique insights and findings. We understand what your biggest challenges are and provide the best thinking on various topics such as philanthropy, billionaires, family offices and others. 


Our Philanthropy offers a number of different solutions no matter at what stage of a philanthropic journey you find yourself.

Find out more about strategic advisory, exchanging knowledge, as well as giving opportunities.

Art Advisory

Art is your passion. You want to build up your own collection and share your experience with other peers. The Art Advisory provide expert know-how on art related matters such as collecting strategies, collection management and guidance on legacy building.