Staying one step ahead

The Thoughts Worth Sharing – Staying One Step Ahead event is the first event of the newly created Thoughts Worth Sharing platform. The platform encourages a healthy exchange of perspectives between opinion leaders and you. 'Thoughts Worth Sharing' encompasses a wide variety of topics covering future trends which may impact investments – and is meant to prepare and inspire you to stay one step ahead of these emerging trends.


The new issue? Overcoming the 'environmental credit crunch'

With an “environmental credit crunch” looming over the globe, only a diverse and inclusive working sector will be able to innovate economically efficient solutions to today’s growth constraints, Paul Donovan, Global Chief Economist, UBS Wealth Management stressed at a conference in Tel Aviv.

Israel faces anti-establishment dissent over widening wage gap - UBS

Israel risks stoking anti-establishment resentment if it allows the economy's technology sector to widen gaps between rich and poor, Paul Donovan, UBS Wealth Management's Global Chief Economist says.

Dr. Giora Yaron: Startups need carrots not sticks

The veteran Israeli high-tech businessman tells "Globes" that Israeli companies must be alert to growing global competition.

אחד מהאבות המייסדים של ההיי-טק הישראלי: כך תקום המובילאיי הבאה

ד"ר גיורא ירון, שמאחוריו אקזיטים במיליארדים: "יש הרבה אפשרויות לעודד חברות, אבל כולן צריכות להיות גזרים ולא מקלות. להטיל מסים יותר גבוהים כ'עונש', זה לא עובד"

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