Our approach

Why UBS?

With over 150 years of experience in global investment management, we’ve experienced a lot of different clients and situations. We know how important it is to respond quickly to market events to protect and grow your money. Our aim is to become a reliable partner who really understands you, and who’ll be there for you long term. You need more than just a financial institution. You need a companion to help you through all of life's ups and downs.

Our approach

We help you look at the big picture

Chief Investment Office

Our Chief Investment Office (CIO) has investment specialists across the globe working to understand the bigger picture and how your investments fit in to it. We use their research to form the UBS House View, our market outlook for the next six months. Our Portfolio Management team makes sure your investments reflect our analysts’ most up to date ideas. But, of course, we have the flexibility to snap up interesting short-term investment opportunities wherever we spot them.


UBS’s biggest strength is the collective force of our hundreds of analysts across the world, keeping a finger on the pulse of financial markets on behalf of our clients. 

Mark Haefele, Global Chief Investment Officer
UBS Wealth Management

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We know how important your passions are

We know how important your passions are


If you're thinking about giving back through philanthropy and you want to make a real difference, you'll need a clear strategy. With our recommendations, philanthropy can be both effective and rewarding.

Sustainable Investments

Many of our clients want their investments to reflect their personal values. Sustainable investing could allow you to create lasting positive change in the world, without compromising on investment performance.

Next Generation

Forbes Israel has been building a unique community of inspiring young entrepreneurs, start-ups, social leaders, artists and others. UBS proudly supports the under 30 list.


Find out what events and platforms UBS Israel engages in, such as our new thoughts worth sharing platform, Forbes under 30 and Fresh Paint in Tel Aviv. 


Contemporary art is in our DNA, and we share a passion for contemporary art with many of our clients/contacts. That's why we're a long-time supporter of prestigious and innovative art events, including Fresh Paint, Israel's largest and most influential annual art event, which takes place in Tel Aviv.

*Philanthropy services are offered in Switzerland only.