Partnerships Worth Building


How can we all solve global issues? And what will it take to make life better for everyone? The world faces challenges no one can tackle alone. We need to collaborate. But what are the ingredients for success? At our most recent event "Partnerships Worth Building" in Tel-Aviv our guest speakers shared their experiences and learnings to give you the courage to stand up for a better world.

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Danna Azrieli, Chairperson of the Azrieli Group and Azrieli Foundation, Israel

Danna Azrieli is the Chairwoman of the Azrieli Group – the largest publicly traded real estate company in Israel. Since Danna started her role as Chairwoman in 2014, the group has doubled its market value. Danna’s notable philanthropic involvements include The Azrieli Foundation in Canada and Israel, DARCA Schools, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel Aviv University, the Israel Center on Addiction, INSS – The Institute for National Security Studies and Tel Hashomer, Beilinson and Ichilov hospitals.

The power of collaboration

Waste threatens the planet. And it's time to take action. How can we throw away less and recycle more? And how can companies set the example? Danna Azrieli shared how she tackles these issues.

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Sara Sela, Philanthropist

Sara was born in Jerusalem. She married Professor Michael Sela, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science, in 1976. Since 1980, Sara has been deeply involved with Alut – The Israeli Society for Autistic Children and she has been fundraising for ISEF – Israel Scholarship Education Foundation – for 20 years. She is a member of the Gila Almagor Make-a-Wish Foundation, Docaviv, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation, Jewish Funders Network, International Advisory Committee of the Friends of Music Lucerne Festival, and The Israeli Opera.

The culture of giving

Working together for a better world is a good idea in theory. But how does it work in practice? Sara Sela shared her experiences working alone and with others. She explained what partnerships mean to her, what makes collaboration successful, and how you can embrace a culture of giving.

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Sara Sela talking about philanthropic partnerships
Roy Itzhaki, Founder and CEO of Tulip Winery

Roy Itzhaki, Founder and CEO, Tulip Winery

Roy founded Tulip Winery while completing a degree in economics. He has devoted every ounce of his energy and a huge arsenal of skills to managing the winery and making the brand a big success in Israel and worldwide. "I live, breathe and sleep everything that is the winery," he said. "Tulip Winery is like my firstborn son, who came into this world ten years ago, and is now a grown child with fantastic adventures and success under his belt."

Lotan Weissman, Marketing Manager of Tulip Winery

Lotan Weissman, Marketing Manager, Tulip Winery

Lotan is in charge of Tulip Winery’s marketing and branding from strategy to implementation. She is also responsible for exports and business partnerships. "The work at the winery is challenging and diverse," she said. "I meet a lot of interesting people who are always eager to learn about the wonderful wines Israel produces. But the highlight of my job is working with Kfar Tikva residents. It always lights up my day."

Partnering across generations

Roy Itzhaki founded Tulip Winery with three goals: to produce top-quality wines, sell them for a reasonable price and, most important, to support adults with developmental and emotional disabilities. Roy went into partnership with Dudi Weissman in 2014 and, today, Dudi's daughter, Lotan Weissman, is the company's marketing and export manager. In our interview they gave a real-life example of a successful partnership in the social-business sector and how two generations can work together beyond their differences.

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Roy Itzhaki and Lotan Weissman talking about Tulip Winery and their successful business partnership
Grégorie Muhr, Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Moderator: Grégorie Muhr, Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Grégorie Muhr advises wealthy families on their philanthropic goals and social investing. She draws on 15 years of experience working in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, including the UBS Optimus Foundation. Grégorie co-authored the "UBS Fundraising Guide: A Resource for Philanthropists", led the UBS and TrustAfrica study on African philanthropy, "Africa's wealthy give back" and elaborated on the UBS Philanthropy Compass with a methodology to advise philanthropists.

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