About us

Changing the face of wealth

Our objective is to better serve women. We provide expertise and best-in-class financial solutions for every stage in our clients' lives. Our aim is to be a reliable partner for our clients, who need more than just a bank.

What do we want to achieve?

Together with you, we want to:

Provide expertise and best-in-class financial solutions for every stage in our clients' lives.

Offering advice beyond investing and access to specialists around the world

Delivering opportunities for women to connect and get more involved in financial decisions

Transform our business to create an industry leading experience for female clients

Why do we need change?

Our research has found that the financial industry is currently underserving women and, as a result, many women lack confidence making decisions about their wealth. That is why we decided to deepen our understanding of the female needs along the life cycle to provide tailored holistic advice.

Making a difference

We’re already well on our way to achieving our goals, from collaborating with female clients and partners to create change.

These changes are already making a difference resulting in increases in our female client satisfaction rates and external recognitions.


women say they are financially confident


men say they are financially confident

How can we support you?

Understand your individual needs along the life cycle

And get involved in long-term financial decisions.

Connect financial plans with your needs, values and goals

Exchange knowledge with like-minded people

Build a meaningful relationship with your financial advisor

Access advice and financial resources that match your individual aspirations

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