Your financial confidence

Prepare for life

What is financial confidence?

Confidence counts for so much in life. It helps you get the dream job you want, take on the challenges others consider too hard and navigate the obstacles life can throw at you.

Financial confidence is an important part of this. It helps you take control of your financial situation and gives you a much stronger chance of fulfilling the goals that matter to you.

Based on thousands of hours of research and interviews with women and men, we have created a simple way to measure your financial confidence, identify your strengths, and show you what actions you can take right now to achieve your goals.


Start with a quick look at your personal map. What are your goals? And which routes might get you there safely?


The best explorers know how to use their compass effectively. Do you know how to make your money work best for you?


We all need advice and guidance at times. Who can you trust to give you direction with your finances?

Life is a journey. Are you prepared?

Career breaks. Part-time work. Early retirement. Or starting your own business?

Be prepared for the great adventure that is your life. Take our quick self-assessment to find out more.

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After taking the self-assessment you received your own financial compass as well as personalized recommendations on how you can improve your financial confidence in our community platform. Go back to learn more and read interesting articles.