How can I achieve the wealth I'm worth?

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Did you know your gender could make a big difference to your wealth? And that, on average, women could lose out on wealth compared to men in their lifetimes? Why? There are lots of reasons, including differences in pay, longer lifespans, taking career breaks and attitudes to investing. We can help you close the gap – and take control of your wealth.

Questions to ask yourself

How can you make sure you have enough money to reach your goals? To bridge any possible gaps, it's a good idea to start planning sooner rather than later.

Could I cope financially if I stop working?

What if you're having a baby? Looking after young children? Or taking care of an elderly relative? How would taking a career break affect your bank balance? It pays to consider every possibility, so you don't lose out in the future.

How can I best enjoy my retirement?

How will you fill your time? Achieving your ambitions or helping others? Whatever your plans, you'll need enough money to pay for them. To avoid falling short financially when you retire, it can be worth taking calculated and well-managed risks when investing.

How can I make my dream home mine?

You've found a home you love. How can you make it yours – and make sure it stays yours, even if you take a career break? If you're looking for a property, there's more to consider than packing boxes. We can help you prepare your finances so you can get the keys to your new home.

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If the economic gender gap continues widening at its current rate, it won’t be closed for another

217 years*

How can wealth management help?

Very simply, we help you put a wealth plan in place for the future. Think of it like a buffer that aims to cushion any financial shocks and helps you stay to meet you goals.

And when you choose UBS Wealth Management, you get a trusted partner who can guide your financial decisions for years to come.

Taking action

We researched why women can lose out financially in their lifetimes. Discover the results and what women can do to protect and grow their wealth.

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