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Every month, we invite global investment leaders from the fund management industry to challenge our UBS House View. We address global financial questions to make sure we never sin through over-confidence.

Is global diversification important?

Keith Wade - Chief Economist, Schroders

Pierre-Henri Flamand - Chief Investment Officer, Man GLG

Outside View

  • Diversification allows you to capture scenarios that differ from your expectations about the future
  • Due to extraordinary interventions by governments and central banks, the current cycle is unlikely to play out as previous cycles
  • Investors  should question their portfolio construction and diversify their portfolio according to the new environment

UBS House View

  • Investors who only allocate to one market will likely incur higher portfolio risks and give up more than 1% of expected return
  • For investors who have overallocated to the US, this is an opportunity to add to international markets and build a fully diversified global portfolio
  • We recommend an overweight to global equities

Do you believe in the benefits of global diversification?

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