In the second episode of our new podcast series, Engineering the Future, Mike Dargan, Group Chief Digital and Information Officer, talks about the role tech plays in our transformation and how we’re making it a differentiator at UBS.

“If you look at the firm’s strategy, there is one area where the Chief Digital and Information Office teams play a critical role, and that is making technology a true differentiator for our firm – and I'm really grateful to all the teams who work hard all across the world for doing that,” said Mike Dargan on the podcast. “Ensuring our tech is a differentiator is really important because if we take a step back, it's how our clients experience us every day. It underpins everything we do and it's not a set of buzzwords. We want to be able to deliver a personalized, relevant, seamless, on-time experience and do that especially at scale.”

Another key point mentioned in the podcast was that banking is largely technology, but ultimately, technology is people. At UBS, tech talent has always made up a large part of the organization and there is a renewed interest in what we do in banking and in this industry.

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Episode Two: Mike Dargan.


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