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This year, the Hackathon will take place fully remotely! Teams will be truly global with participants leveraging Azure, our DevCloud and Microsoft Teams to collaborate.

By moving online and extending the timeframe, it will enable a more inclusive and flexible environment for our talented engineers to experiment. For those who couldn’t previously make it to one of the hackathon locations, they now have all the tools they need to participate. This year we have over 500 participants across 11 locations globally. The teams will be working on over 55 different projects, so we’re bound to see a huge variety of innovative ideas and solutions.

Different team members working remotely

As always, the days spent working together are bound to be a whirlwind of excitement, quick thinking, positive mindsets and fail fast attitudes. Everyone feels empowered to speak up and learn together. It isn’t unusual for the words “hold on guys, I’ve just had a crazy idea” to come from either an intern or an executive director. Every voice is heard as no hierarchy exists and all participants live by the mentality that no ideas are bad ideas.

Days used to be broken up with organizers bursting in to break things up with spontaneous nerf gun fights or the ever-impressive balloon hat competition!

Two participants from the balloon hat competition in 2019 in London

There will still be challenges and excitable team conversations this year, except this time, it’ll be online and reaching across the globe. In previous years, the hackathon has led to the creation of platforms and tools which are used by the whole company. It’s an important time for everyone to innovate and create real change.

We’re excited to see what this year brings.