Increasing efficiency through virtual meetings, finding new ways to engage with clients and build trusted client relationships, and creating pathways to more flexible work schedules: the pandemic has forced many firms, including ours, to drastically change our ways of working, and encouraged us to implement its lessons as part of our transformation journey.

In a recent Monocle podcast, Group Head of Human Resources Stefan Seiler reflects on how hybrid and agile ways of working are the future. “We pushed for a hybrid working model early on,” says Stefan, with two-thirds of UBS roles being identified as roles that could be done in a hybrid way. He adds, “We are convinced there are massive benefits for employees and organizations.”

Stefan also talks about our journey to becoming a much more agile firm through the rollout of Agile@UBS, our one consistent agile working model, one that contributes to better client outcomes, lower risk, and a more fun work environment. “The fun comes from faster feedback, more client exposure and more exposure to other experts in the organization who all work together in our agile pods.”

Hear more of Stefan’s thoughts on how agility and hybrid working are positively reshaping the future of how we work at UBS.