UBS Europe SE

UBS Europe SE is a cross divisional entity of Asset Management, Investment Banking and Wealth Management, with its core business in Wealth Management. The legal structure of UBS Europe SE consists of former UBS AG European Wealth Management subsidiaries and forms one single European financial institution. The merger was effective with its registration in the German commercial register in Frankfurt am Main on December 1st, 2016. Main reasons for the merger were the consolidation and simplification of the legal structures and the regulatory regime in Europe, the capital strength for clients as well as the creation of a standard operating model for the utilization of scale effects.

Consolidating our businesses facilitated us meeting all financial regulations and to make our commitment clear to serve clients all over Europe, thus retaining our position as Europe's leading wealth manager. As a direct result of UBS Europe SE's leaner and combined balance sheets, we increased our capabilities of making further investments into large and complex financial transactions as well as raised our capital position to maintain and increase your financial wealth. Furthermore, we are now in a position to offer you a wider range of solutions, including sustainable investments and philanthropic services, with the aim of enabling you the better management of your wealth.

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