Securities Business Execution/Liquidity Provision

Please find below detailed information on services and solutions we can offer you:

Order Handling and Execution

Benefit from our truly global market presence. With access to over 80 execution venues, we route your orders to the world's major financial markets, alternative trading venues or provide crossing & internalisation access to exclusive liquidity pools within seconds and fully consistent with your individual order routing service preferences.

KeyTrader is your connection to the markets of the world, without the expense of exchange membership.


SwisKey allows you to route your exchange traded derivatives (ETD) orders through us, directly to the exchange.


UBS KeyLink Securities gives you a complete overview of your securities portfolio, enabling you to monitor trading confirmations, settlement, position and corporate action with a variety of effective reporting capabilities.

Securities Lending

UBS is one of the world's leading players in this field. On completion of a lending agreement, accounts can earn additional income and offset costs. The underlying positions in your account are selected on an impartial allocation basis. There is full reporting back to you and proceeds will be credited directly to your cash account.