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Be part of the ecosystem

Be part of the ecosystem

The Bank for Banks.

Under the brand name “UBS. The Bank for Banks.”, we bundle our vast industry capabilities and make them available to you, so you can optimize your corporate management, your offering and your cost base. We use a “single point of contact” approach designed to make working with us easy and straightforward.

News for Banks

News for banks

Digitalization looks set to cause major disruption to the financial industry. In this issue we survey the most important technological trends and threats facing banks.

The Bank for Banks News

UBS wins top awards from Global Custodian magazine

As part of the annual "Agent Banks in Major Markets" survey carried out by Global Custodian magazine, UBS has been awarded top honors in all three categories.

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UBS's new legal structure

UBS has recently announced several changes to its legal structure. These are meant to ensure that the bank conforms to the emerging global norms for systemically important banks – and are part of UBS’s efforts to contribute to a more resilient financial system.

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UBS sponsors SIFF 2015 - on the future of the global financial system

Over 300 decision-makers from the worlds of international politics and business, particularly the financial industry, plus representatives of central banks and supervisory authorities, met on June 29 for the second Swiss International Finance Forum (SIFF) in Bern.

The Swiss International Finance Forum

UBS FX Trader Plus

UBS FX Trader Plus marks the next step forward in the evolution of our FX trading platform. Its state-of-the-art user inferface - clear, friendly and fast - delivers one-click functionality that gives you 24-hour streaming, dealable prices in over 40 currencies and more than 400 currency pairs.

FX Trader Plus platform


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