Bodies & Persons

Foundation Board

The Foundation Board carries responsibility for all the Foundation's activities. The Board members are nominated by the Founder Company for a three-year, reelectable term of office. This senior body consists of representatives of UBS and external members from the fields of culture, arts and society. At present the Foundation Board consists of eight members; it is headed by a Chairman and seconded by a Vice-Chairman. For the purpose of processing grant proposals the Foundation Board may appoint an expert committee consisting of members of the Board.

Foundation Office

The Foundation Office assists the Foundation Board in its work; the Office is headed by an Executive Manager. She is responsible for the Foundation's operative management; in particular, she settles preliminaries, prepares issues for decision-making by the Foundation Board and implements its decisions. The Foundation Office is responsible for the administration, communication and coordination of activities. Staff members include Claudia Bühler (Executive Manager) Julia Bysäth and Abundi Schmid.