Pay on the go With smartwatch or Swatch Pay and Mastercard

Your benefits at a glance

Make instant, contactless payments in stores and restaurants worldwide.

Always at hand

Your digital credit card on your wrist

Accepted worldwide

Wherever you can make contactless payments with Mastercard


Just as safe as paying with your credit card

  • Simply save your Mastercard credit card details on the watch via the app
  • Make contactless payments with your watch quickly and conveniently
  • Directly block your digital credit card via the provider's app

Our digital payments solutions

Cool: Swatch Pay

It looks like a normal Swatch – but can do so much more. Beneath the colorful design lies a payment function that works quickly and easily, even without battery power.

Active: Fitbit Pay

You’re very active and rarely stop for a break. Your Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch monitors your heart rate, counts your steps and pays for your shopping – a true all-rounder.

Sporty: Garmin Pay

Your morning jog is just as essential to your daily routine as the delicious green smoothie you buy afterwards. With the Garmin Smartwatch, you can leave your wallet and smartphone at home.

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