UBS eBill makes your life easier:

Receive invoices directly in e- or mobile banking:

  • With eBill, you can view new invoices immediately in digital banking and can pay them directly.

Be informed immediately and choose to pay automatically:

  • You receive a notification via Push or text message each time a new eBill invoice arrives in E-Banking or Mobile Banking.
  • Set a limit. eBill invoices below this limit are approved immediately. You will need to authorize eBill invoices above the limit.  

Archive eBill invoices yourself:

  • Once they have been processed, your invoices are filed securely in UBS Safe.

Here's how to pay your bills digitally:

1. Register

Log in to E-Banking, go to ‟Payments > eBill invoicing parties > Activated” and register for eBills, following the instructions.

Setting up eBill

2. Add biller

You can easily search for billers and add them to your account under “Payments > eBill invoicing parties.”

3. Pay your bill

You’ll find pending bills under “Payments > Pay bills > eBill invoices.” Under this tab, you can view all of your bills and pay them quickly and easily in just a couple of clicks.

4. Set notifications

You can define your notification settings for when you receive eBill invoices in your E-Banking under “Settings > Mobile Banking > Notifications > Payments.” You can change these notifications.

UBS Safe

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Mobile Banking

Carry out your banking transactions on your smartphone or tablet.

eBill for companies

Easy and fast payment solutions for businesses.

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