Investment governance made simple

Your job is becoming ever-more demanding and complex – we can make it simpler and more efficient

Do you sit on the foundation board, in the investment committee or on the management board of a pension fund? Or do you manage the fortunes of a family office? If so, you have a great responsibility.

Investment governance – that is, the planning, implementing and monitoring of your investments – is an enormous challenge. On the one hand, regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly extensive, while, on the other, the investment universe is becoming ever-more complex. This is why you need transparency and information about all the investments in your portfolio at all times.

Find out in two minutes how you can significantly improve your investment governance and meet your responsibility more efficiently.

Always up to date and always well informed

In addition to equities and bonds, the more that you’re invested in tangible assets such as infrastructure, real estate or private equity, the more difficult (and at the same time more important!) it becomes to keep track of your investments.

Take advantage of our solutions and services and make your investment governance simpler, better and more efficient. You get maximum transparency, can minimize your risks and, thanks to our reports, make your decisions proactively and in good time based on solid information. In short: our management tools make it easier for you to fulfill your duty and live up to your responsibility.

Your key benefits

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UBS Asset Servicing

Would you like to manage your assets more efficiently? We can support you with a comprehensive offering of Asset Servicing solutions – from designing an infrastructure tailored to your needs, to implementing your investment strategy and providing a wide range of monitoring and management instruments.

UBS Sustainability Analytics

Make sure that your investments are in line with your business philosophy. Thanks to our analysis you can optimize your portfolio sustainably according to ESG criteria. Minimize reputational risks by recognizing and excluding investments in undesirable areas of business. And find out how sustainable investments will impact the risk/return profile of your portfolio.

UBS Asset Wizard

Monitor, evaluate and manage your portfolio – simply, quickly and efficiently. With just two clicks you get comprehensive and detailed insight into your assets. You can evaluate individual asset managers or investment categories directly and, thanks to the very latest daily information, react to changes on the market in good time.