Investment governance made simple

Your job is becoming ever-more demanding and complex – we can make it simpler and more efficient

Do you sit on the foundation board, in the investment committee or on the management board of a pension fund? Or do you manage the fortunes of a family office? If so, you have a great responsibility.

Investment governance – that is, the planning, implementing and monitoring of your investments – is an enormous challenge. On the one hand, regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly extensive, while, on the other, the investment universe is becoming ever-more complex. This is why you need transparency and information about all the investments in your portfolio at all times.

Find out in two minutes how you can significantly improve your investment governance and meet your responsibility more efficiently.

Always up to date and always well informed

In addition to equities and bonds, the more that you’re invested in tangible assets such as infrastructure, real estate or private equity, the more difficult (and at the same time more important!) it becomes to keep track of your investments.

Take advantage of our solutions and services and make your investment governance simpler, better and more efficient. You get maximum transparency, can minimize your risks and, thanks to our reports, make your decisions proactively and in good time based on solid information. In short: our management tools make it easier for you to fulfill your duty and live up to your responsibility.

Your key benefits

The basis of our investment governance services is an overview of your entire portfolio. It includes all your assets, both bankable and non-bankable. And, of course, this overview covers not only your investments with UBS, but all your mandated banks and asset managers worldwide.

To help you make well-founded decisions, we update you regularly with clear and informative reports and analyses. The most important are:

  • Portfolio dashboard and market heatmap: Two new summary reports set out the essential features of your investments.
    • In the portfolio dashboard you can see at a glance essential information about returns, risks and asset allocation. 
    • The market heatmap shows you market developments by asset class and sub-segment – clear and easy to understand.
  • Audience-targeted reports for the foundation board, investment committee and management.
    • The foundation board receives an overview of the risks, earnings and costs of all investments – and can verify whether investments and liabilities correspond in the medium and long term.
    • The report for the investment committee forms the basis for informed decision-making with regard to returns, investment structure, risks, monitoring and costs.
    • Management benefits from extensive analyses of the portfolio’s structure, returns and risk as well as from various thematic special reports.
  • Thematic special reports: Illiquid investments are found in almost every portfolio today. To help you assess in depth the opportunities and risks of these investments, we offer a series of thematic reports:
    • Real Estate gives you greater transparency – even for extensive real estate portfolios. Tables and charts show clearly your exposure as well as trends in different regions of Switzerland. And with the UBS Real Estate Bubble Index you have a basis for well-founded, proactive decisions.
    • Infrastructure provides information on the most important sectors – electricity, water, airports, rail, roads, bridges and tunnels – and visualizes your direct and indirect infrastructure investments.
    • Derivatives makes it easier to assess the effectiveness of your hedging strategy for currencies, equities, bonds and liquidity. Gross and net exposure can be seen at a glance and provide indispensable data for the optimization of your derivatives and overlay strategies.
  • Analyses: Our various analyses and simulations provide valuable insights and information to help you optimize your portfolio.
    • Financial market analysis: Use the research of our Chief Investment Office (CIO) in the form of informative analyses, reports and assessments prepared individually for you. 
    • Sustainability analytics: We can support you in the evaluation and optimization of the sustainability of your investments according to ESG factors (environment, society and governance). You can recognize potential reputational risks as well as long-term investment risks and react correspondingly before problems arise. The analysis covers the two most important approaches for sustainable investments – exclusion and (ESG) inclusion.
    • Scenario simulation: What effects would an interest rate rise in Europe have on your portfolio? Or a weakening of the Swiss franc against the euro? With the UBS Asset Wizard scenario simulation, you can assess the robustness of your portfolio under specific market conditions and thus minimize your risks.

For the planning, implementing and monitoring of your investments, our tools provide a valuable service.

  • UBS Asset Wizard: With just two clicks you get clear and detailed insight into your assets. Based on the very latest daily information you can assess directly the performance of your asset managers and investment criteria and react in good time.
  • Proxy voting: With an online tool we make it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. Be an active influence on the companies you’re invested in and act in line with your corporate governance principles.
  • UBS KeyLink: Our professional e-banking solution is an integrated platform for your payment transactions, cash management, foreign exchange trades, precious metals and securities transactions, and continuous link settlement (CLS).
  • UBS Custody Info Portal: Here you’ll find – around the clock and at a glance – all process-relevant information: cut-off times, delivery routes, sub-custodians, international holidays and the entire custodian network in all available markets.

The close connection between good investment governance and positive performance is well proven.

  • First, you have all your assets and asset managers constantly in view.
  • Second, thanks to our analyses and reports you have an early-warning system and can act proactively if necessary.
  • Third, you can compare not only the performance but also the attribution of various asset classes and asset managers.
  • And fourth, you can recognize deviations from investment policy immediately and reduce your risks accordingly.

Would you like to optimize your investment governance? Get in touch with us today.

UBS Asset Servicing

Would you like to manage your assets more efficiently? We can support you with a comprehensive offering of Asset Servicing solutions – from designing an infrastructure tailored to your needs, to implementing your investment strategy and providing a wide range of monitoring and management instruments.

UBS Sustainability Analytics

Make sure that your investments are in line with your business philosophy. Thanks to our analysis you can optimize your portfolio sustainably according to ESG criteria. Minimize reputational risks by recognizing and excluding investments in undesirable areas of business. And find out how sustainable investments will impact the risk/return profile of your portfolio.

UBS Asset Wizard

Monitor, evaluate and manage your portfolio – simply, quickly and efficiently. With just two clicks you get comprehensive and detailed insight into your assets. You can evaluate individual asset managers or investment categories directly and, thanks to the very latest daily information, react to changes on the market in good time.